Version 3.18 has been released!

The release 3.18.* brings a bunch of new features and many bug fixes.

The highlights are:


  • New simple copy function for copying columns / fields to the clipboard (MYOP-2155, MYOP-2185)
  • Display of configurable user information of the currently logged in user in the portal, e.g. from the LDAP and SCSM (MYOP-2148)
  • New statistics for evaluating the usage of the portal, e.g. which offers are used how often (MYOP-2226). Of course, it has to be activated and does not record any user data
  • New possibility to execute any PowerShell scripts after the creation of an offer (MYOP-2222)

Patch Management

  • Brand new patch calendar, showing the computed maintenance window for all systems in a calendar view (MYOP-2166)
  • Creating and managing of message templates used for email messages in the portal user interface with corresponding HTML preview (MYOP-2196)
  • New: Support of localized messages determined by the preferred language of the user (MYOP-2196)
  • Multi stage escalation feature: after the period of patching (wave) has ended and systems still didn’t get the required updates,
    you can now define escalation steps, e.g. to remind the system responsible, to inform the manager or a defined group.
    You can even provide a custom escalation recipient determination method. (MYOP-2150)
  • New free version of the patch management: for up to 25 systems you can now install and use the patch management without costs. (MYOP-2230)

Service Designer

  • Display of objects deleted in the source system (SCOM / SCSM) (MYOP-2212)
  • Link to display the service in the SCOM diagram view (MYOP-2051)
  • Possibility to select several objects / containers to delete them (MYOP-2228)
  • Possibility to add several objects to a container with one operation (MYOP-2225)
  • Display of all services that have referenced an object (MYOP-2234)
  • Display of the service hierarchy (for linked services, a simplified representation is shown without containers and objects) (MYOP-2160)
  • Introduction of a manually or automatically calculated ServiceId, depending on the service type (MYOP-2233)

The new release is available here. If you did’t get the download password until now, please contact