The new version 3.37.2 is now available. This version brings new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • Allow to load relations asynchronous (MYOP-2595)
  • Complete redesign of the search and filter UI (MYOP-2591)
  • Allow to notify users through different channels e.g. when an incident is updated (MYOP-763)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database schema has to be updated!

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.37.2


MYOP-2610 [PO] Solr crashes after indexing all binary fields of all entities

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.37.1


MYOP-2609 [PO] Slow fulltext search performance

MYOP-2607 [PO] Descending sorting is lost on paging event

MYOP-2605 [PO] Search for selected values with special signs not working as expected

MYOP-2604 [PM] Triggered jobs are not started anymore

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.37.0


MYOP-2598 [PO] Offering is not selectable in service tree when marked as offering

MYOP-2597 [PO] Empty relation property values are filled with displayname

MYOP-2592 [PO] Selection of text in not editable textareas is up to impossible

MYOP-2590 [PO] Error saving request offering with empty values

MYOP-2589 [PO] Paste of attachments no longer working

New Feature

MYOP-2600 [PO] Allow to index binary (text) fields in Solr

MYOP-2599 [PO] Remove service worker

MYOP-2596 [PO] Introduce generic notification rules

MYOP-2595 [PO] Allow to load relations async

MYOP-2594 [PO] Allow to define PanelCollapsed and PanelCollapsedWhenEmpty for user input

MYOP-2591 [PO] Redesign of search / fitler and implementation of saved filters

MYOP-1965 [PO] Allow to define multiple allowed roles e.g. with ‘|’

MYOP-763 [NC] Show message through notify channels after assignment of work item (e.g incident)