The new version 3.27.1 is available immediately. This version brings many new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • Using Links to Knowledge Base Entries Instead of Content (MYOP-2427)
  • Better representation of what type of solution module it is in the sidebar through symbols (MYOP-2431)
  • More compact representation of the so-called user inputs (MYOP-2434)

Patch Management

  • Remove the status of machines from the activity mails (MYOP-2438)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.27.1


MYOP-2439 [PM] Error setting downtime to incinga if endtime has a differnt date to the starttime

MYOP-2438 [PM] Remove machine status from activity mails

MYOP-2435 [PO] Dependencies for boolean properties not working in list actions

MYOP-2433 [PO] No new knowledge base entries can be created

MYOP-2432 [PO] Extended relation mappings for offerings no longer working

MYOP-2429 [PO] Actions in SCSMTemplates navigation area not working for no template types

New Feature

MYOP-2437 [PO] Use impersonated user for deepl translate request

MYOP-2436 [PO] Optimize update index sql queries

MYOP-2434 [PO] Filter empty user input entries with expand possibility

MYOP-2431 [PO] Show icon for the different entry types in the knowledge base sidebar

MYOP-2430 [PO] Add time added to global search results


MYOP-2428 [PO] Change language of solution text in knowledge sidebar

MYOP-2427 [PO] Add link to knowledge base as action for knowledge sidebar

MYOP-2426 [PO] Apply template should override already selected / entered values