The new version 3.25.0 is available immediately. This version brings many new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • Integration of external translation services – currently Azure and Deepl (MYOP-2391)
  • Service trees or individual offerings can now be deactivated or taken out of service (MYOP-2398)
  • Grouping is now possible in lists that are displayed as cards (MYOP-2388)

Patch Management

  • Troubleshooting generic indexing of software update groups (MYOP-2395)

Service Designer

  • The search for all container templates was not possible (MYOP-2394)
  • Objects that are no longer available are now marked with an error state (MYOP-2396)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database needs to be updated.

Change Log


  • [MYOP-2389] – [PO] Error indexing relations with type constraint
  • [MYOP-2395] – [PM] Fix for indexing generic update group states

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2352] – [PO] Change knowledge base for service trees to myOperations implementation
  • [MYOP-2388] – [PO] Allow grouping in card lists
  • [MYOP-2390] – [PO] Check for deletions for index only during full index run
  • [MYOP-2391] – [PO] Allow automatic translation of field contents
  • [MYOP-2392] – [PO] Show search field for offerings on dashboard
  • [MYOP-2393] – [PO] Cut too long text in titles in breadcrumb
  • [MYOP-2394] – [SD] Searching for all container templates in dropdown not working properly
  • [MYOP-2396] – [SD] Mark (no longer) available objects with error state
  • [MYOP-2397] – [PO] Allow loading of external JavaScript (WebComponents)
  • [MYOP-2398] – [PO] Allow disabling or out of service taking of service trees
  • [MYOP-2400] – [PO] Allow computation of css class for list rows
  • [MYOP-2401] – [PO] Outline selected navigation link in sidebar

Change Log 3.24.3


  • [MYOP-2383] – [PO] EvalVisibility and action dependencies no longer working in list views
  • [MYOP-2384] – [PO] Scripted values in solr lists throws Jint errors

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2353] – [PO] Implement synchronisation on knowledge base with SCSM
  • [MYOP-2385] – [PO] Allow mutli values for role support mail addresses
  • [MYOP-2386] – [PO] Implement caching for request offerings
  • [MYOP-2387] – [PO] Add timeline activity overview

Change Log 3.24.2


  • [MYOP-2374] – [PO] Export all causes portal to hang
  • [MYOP-2379] – [PO] Hide empty list on dashboard no longer working
  • [MYOP-2380] – [SD] Service is not referenced as WorkItemImpactsService when creating a new ticket
  • [MYOP-2381] – [PM] Too much related information are indexed for machines

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2382] – [PO] Reduce amount of data for solr queries

Change Log 3.24.1


  • [MYOP-2372] – [PO] Inactive tabs on dashboards are displayed regardless
  • [MYOP-2376] – [PO] Memory leak through indexing (ChangeLogContext)
  • [MYOP-2378] – [PO] Required attachments in offerings not properly evaluated

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2373] – [PO] Display table contents as cards
  • [MYOP-2375] – [PO] Allow colspan for dashboarditems
  • [MYOP-2377] – [PO] Hide paging element on lists