The new version 3.22.0 is now available. This version brings some cool new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlight:


  • It is now possible to use EvalVisibility for properties in offernigs (MYOP-2320)

Patch Management

  • New feature to resend workflow emails of a wave again (MYOP-2319)

Service Designer

  • Referenced services are now synced with name and description (MYOP-2322)

The new release is available here. If you did’t get the download password until now, please contact

Change Log


  • [MYOP-2317] – [PO] Relation shown as field don’t respect IsEditable=false
  • [MYOP-2318] – [PO] Relation property for Id no longer resolved
  • [MYOP-2321] – [PM] Escalation mails are sent even if machines have no pending updates
  • [MYOP-2323] – [PO] Fix if a property is found twice in an service manager entity
  • [MYOP-2324] – [PO] Token Portal Username is not properly resolved in offerings

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2319] – [PM] Allow the resending of workflow emails of the patch process
  • [MYOP-2320] – [PO] Allow eval visibility with properties in offerings
  • [MYOP-2322] – [SD] Sync name and description in referenced services in other services