The new version 3.21.0 is now available. This version brings some cool new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlight:


  • Scripted property values are now evaluated in real time in the user interface (MYOP-2300)

The new release is available here. If you did’t get the download password until now, please contact

Change Log


  • [MYOP-2299] – [PO] Replacing save button showing twice
  • [MYOP-2306] – [PO] First relation is not properly removed
  • [MYOP-2308] – [SD] Syncing container entities with SCOM uses wrong GUID
  • [MYOP-2311] – [PO] DateModified not longer updated for EF objects
  • [MYOP-2312] – [PO] Error in enum component if not selected in multiple action

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2298] – [PO] Enable row hover for all lists
  • [MYOP-2300] – [PO] Evaluate property values dynamically in the user interface
  • [MYOP-2304] – [PO] Further enhancements to reviewer component
  • [MYOP-2310] – [PO] Update frontend components (11.2.10 / 11.3.2)