The new version 3.20.0 is now available. Again, many customer requests have been integrated and have led to great new features.

The highlights:


  • The reviewer component from patch management is now also available for review activities (MYOP-1920)

Patch Management

  • The queries for assigned updates and for generic statistics have been optimized (MYOP-2287)

Service Designer

  • The service diagram can now also be embedded in the details of a service (MYOP-2283)
  • Entity containers generated from container templates can now be constantly synchronized with new or deleted components (MYOP-2278)

The new release is available here. If you did’t get the download password until now, please contact

Change Log


  • [MYOP-2286] – [PO] Dependencies for boolean properties not working if boolean not set
  • [MYOP-2287] – [PM] Optimize database queries (command timeout, async execution)
  • [MYOP-2288] – [PO] Strange behavior of request list component if properties have no proper order attribute
  • [MYOP-2289] – [PM] Manager of escalation mail not set as recipient
  • [MYOP-2290] – [SD] Support groups get duplicated if selected in service designer diagram view

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2278] – [SD] Update container entities (win computer) with new relations from SCOM
  • [MYOP-2283] – [SD] Show service diagram as content in detail view


  • [MYOP-1920] – [PO] Enable reviewer component for SCSM review activities
  • [MYOP-2284] – [PO] Allow creation of relations for other work items than SR and INC