The new version 3.19.0 is now available. Again, many customer requests have been integrated and have led to great new features.

The highlights:


  • The ID and the display name of objects generated from service offerings can now be calculated using JavaScript (MYOP-2257)
  • Values of fields in service offerings can be calculated using JavaScript (MYOP-2267)
  • Fields of relations of relations can now also be displayed in relation lists (MYOP-2273)
  • The activity tree can now also be displayed for reviewers (MYOP-2260)

Patch Management

  • Display the date of the last reboot per machine (MYOP-2281)
  • Enable new configuration setting for “FullScanAfterReboot” in the deployments per category (MYOP-2282)

Service Designer

  • The service hierarchy can now be displayed via a direct link (MYOP-2261)

The new release is available here. If you did’t get the download password until now, please contact

Change Log:


  • [MYOP-2262] – [PO] Fix global search with sepcial characters
  • [MYOP-2263] – [PO] Not all properties are resolved in offering actions
  • [MYOP-2264] – [PO] Expanding groups in list views with empty group value not working
  • [MYOP-2266] – [PM] Fix for install updates now
  • [MYOP-2268] – [PO] SqlWhereAddition in solr config is not used in reading last changed guids
  • [MYOP-2270] – [PO] Fix for converting never datetimes from ad
  • [MYOP-2272] – [PO] Configured favicon no longer working
  • [MYOP-2275] – [PO] Relations are not properly resolved for templates
  • [MYOP-2276] – [PM] First day of week not localized
  • [MYOP-2280] – [PO] Relation actions not clickable in view mode

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2257] – [PO] Allow definition of id and displayname per offering configuration
  • [MYOP-2261] – [SD] Allow to open the Service Hierarchy view with a defined link
  • [MYOP-2265] – [PO] Definition of id field at offering config
  • [MYOP-2267] – [PO] Allow scripted values for service offering customizations
  • [MYOP-2273] – [PO] Allow relation properties in relation views
  • [MYOP-2281] – [PM] Show last reboot time for machines
  • [MYOP-2282] – [PM] Allow configuration of full scan after reboot per category


  • [MYOP-2260] – [PO] Enable display of activity tree for reviewers