The new version 3.24.0 is now available. This version brings many new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • Dashboards can now be defined on any tab (MYOP-2368)
  • Elements on the dashboard can now be displayed as a card or without a panel instead of a panel (MYOP-2369)
  • Static HTML code can now be used as a dashboard item (MYOP-2370)

Patch Management

  • Escalation mails were sent to too many recipients (MYOP-2367)

Service Designer

  • The status of services is now also shown in the diagram (MYOP-2364)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database needs to be updated. The previous dashboard must be brought into the new structure.

Change Log


  • [MYOP-2362] – [PO] Source of template is always overriden with Portal
  • [MYOP-2366] – [PO] Error saving service (SCSM) with included service map
  • [MYOP-2367] – [PM] Escalation mails are sent to too much recipients

New Feature

  • [MYOP-2159] – [SD] Add Service Level Aggreements to Service Designer
  • [MYOP-2336] – [PO] Allow selection of first tab directly in navigation
  • [MYOP-2364] – [SD] Show status of service in diagramm
  • [MYOP-2368] – [PO] Allow dashboard view on other tabs
  • [MYOP-2369] – [PO] Allow cards instead of panels for dashboard elements
  • [MYOP-2370] – [PO] Allow static html content on dashboard elements