The new version 3.35.0 is now available. This version brings new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • Allow to define text alignment for properties in list views (MYOP-2552)
  • Allow to define to trim property values (MYOP-2551)

Service Designer

  • Introduce service variants and options (MYOP-2545)
  • Add prices and futher information to services for a service catalog (MYOP-2344)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database schema has to be updated!

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.35.0


MYOP-2557 [SD] Resolved monitors are updated with every alert check

MYOP-2555 [PO] Line breaks in comments get duplicated in the frontend

MYOP-2554 [PO] Multiselect fields are not properly updated for eval visibility

MYOP-2553 [PO] Scheduled full solr index run no longer working

MYOP-2550 [PO] Detail view with groups react slow

New Feature

MYOP-2559 [PO] Redesign CustomizationManager class for mapping ef entities

MYOP-2558 [PO] Use [NotIndexed] attribute in model classes for defining properties not to be indexed

MYOP-2556 [PO] Remove change detect call in ngAfterContentChecked

MYOP-2552 [PO] Allow to define text-alignment for properties

MYOP-2551 [PO] Allow to trim entered string values in forms

MYOP-2545 [SD] Introduce variants and options to services

MYOP-2344 [SD] Add prices and other properties to services for service catalog

MYOP-2076 [PO] Show/hide actions dynamically based on a script