The new version 3.34.0 is now available. This version brings new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights:


  • New what`s new section to actively inform users about the current changes (MYOP-2495)
  • The current opened view is reflected in the window / tab title (MYOP-2542)
  • The layout of details and action forms use now flexbox instead of the grid system for arranging properties and relations (MYOP-2547)

Service Designer

  • Fixed the rollup policy for containers in SCOM (MYOP-2538)

The new version can be downloaded here. If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database schema has to be updated!

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.34.0


MYOP-2549 [SD] Tickets are created twice for the same alert

MYOP-2546 [PO] Action log is generated for source and target entity by convert task

MYOP-2538 [SD] Rollup policy not correctly set for best of containers

MYOP-2536 [PO] Searches in lists are not properly restored after navigation

MYOP-2531 [PO] If cache is deleted in Edge login gets an http error code 0

MYOP-2530 [PO] Previous values in action log are not replace correctly

MYOP-2527 [PO] Do not automatically select first entry of a simple list

New Feature

MYOP-2548 [PO] Allow the display of the average rating as visual component in lists

MYOP-2547 [PO] Change detail form row/col system from grid to flexbox

MYOP-2542 [PO] Show current navigation info in window title (tab)

MYOP-2540 [PO] Allow sorting of global search result by created date and displayname

MYOP-2539 [PO] Start incremental index update even if full index is already running

MYOP-2537 [PO] Implement new Rest API endpoint for getting a JSON list of entities

MYOP-2535 [PO] Revert websocket implementation for updates to polling

MYOP-2533 [PO] Allow to write action log entries only if a certain change has occured

MYOP-2528 [PO] Allow to reduce the size of an autogrown text area

MYOP-2526 [PO] Allow or operator for full text searches in lists

MYOP-2495 [PO] Create what`s new section in portal