Die neue Version 3.36.1 ist ab sofort verfügbar. Diese Version bringt neue Features und behebt einige Bugs.

Die Highlights:


  • Vollständiges Lesen einer Detailansicht aus SOLR (MYOP-2576)
  • Ermöglichen einer Abfrage einer Relationsansicht aus SOLR mit einem Schlüssel der Entität (MYOP-2575)
  • Bessere Möglichkeiten die Größe von Charts zu steuern(MYOP-2569)

Die neue Version kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Sollten Sie das Download Kennwort noch nicht erhalten haben, wenden Sie Sich bitte einfach an datacentersoftware@axians.de.

Achtung: Das Datenbankschema muss aktualisiert werden!

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.36.1


MYOP-2588 [PO] Send mail throws error for service requests

MYOP-2587 [PO] Html in properties with complete a tags are not displayed correctly

MYOP-2584 [PO] Service tree search not respecting parent roles for offerings

New Feature

MYOP-2585 [PO] Customize the appearance of component search input fields (buttons, etc)

Release notes – myOperations – Version 3.36.0


MYOP-2583 [PO] Dates in date picker not selectable if a relative minimum time value is defined as constrained

MYOP-2581 [PO] Relation search is not resolving the tenant correctly

MYOP-2574 [PO] Mapped details config no longer working as long as entity is not indexed

MYOP-2573 [PO] List view shows scroll bar with first rendering

MYOP-2572 [PO] Error resolving relation properties over more than one relation

MYOP-2571 [PO] Field values of SCSM for evaluating JavaScript are not escaped properly

MYOP-2570 [PM] Not assigned pending updates are shown and used for patch status computing

MYOP-2568 [PO] Error checking notfiy messages for groups

MYOP-2567 [PO] Attachment size is not displayed properly

MYOP-2566 [PO] Chart details are scrolled including table header

MYOP-2565 [PO] Notify messages show only for a very short time

MYOP-2564 [SD] Automatic ticket routing broken

MYOP-2563 [PO] Offering mappings no longer work consistently

MYOP-2562 [PO] Details link to notify message from notify client no longer working

MYOP-2561 [SD] Service ID is not updated in SCOM

New Feature

MYOP-2582 [PO] Refactor logging from static variable to dependency injection

MYOP-2580 [PO] Allow to collapse relation views if there is no relation

MYOP-2578 [PO] Enhance system information dialog

MYOP-2577 [PO] Optimize entity edit components and translate component

MYOP-2576 [PO] Allow to read detail view from SOLR

MYOP-2575 [PO] Allow to query relations by key from SOLR

MYOP-2569 [PO] Allow to better size charts


MYOP-2037 [PO] Enable authentication for Apache Solr